> Aha ? In fact the notation in the cheat sheet _is_ correct and clear,
> why the hell do you want to break it ? It's just a matter of point of
> view an I assume there are _many_ FlightGear users out there that have
> a comma as a decimal separator - it's just that they probably don't
> live in the US.

I think you are making a disingenuous assumption, here, on what I am saying. It 
IS correct
and clear for*European*users, yes. All that I did to the PDF document was to 
add a _note_
in the appropriate section in brackets that says: "[U.S. keyboards use "." 
instead of

Are you opposed, in principle, to providing U.S. users with accurate 
information? I don't
understand what's got you so hot about this. It's an international project. 
Let's be clear
for everyone.


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