Jon Berndt wrote:

Aha ? In fact the notation in the cheat sheet _is_ correct and clear,
why the hell do you want to break it ? It's just a matter of point of
view an I assume there are _many_ FlightGear users out there that have
a comma as a decimal separator - it's just that they probably don't
live in the US.

I think you are making a disingenuous assumption, here, on what I am saying. It 
IS correct
and clear for*European*users, yes. All that I did to the PDF document was to 
add a _note_
in the appropriate section in brackets that says: "[U.S. keyboards use "." 
instead of

Are you opposed, in principle, to providing U.S. users with accurate 
information? I don't
understand what's got you so hot about this. It's an international project. 
Let's be clear
for everyone.

Whatever we do, we need to do it to the TeX source or the changes will be lost next time we regenerate the pdf/html versions.


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