Am Sonntag 19 Juni 2005 22:36 schrieb Ampere K. Hardraade:
> On June 19, 2005 04:10 pm, Gerard Robin wrote:
> >    I have the same request LFPO is wrong: --> take off  point beside the
> > runway
> >
> >  Thanks
> > --
> > Gerard
> For me, it is the LFBO.  14L/32R is a dirt runway, and there is no taxiway
> connected to the ends of 14R/32L. =/

Taxiways are completely user submitted. A default taxiway layout is generated 
for airports without a database entry (taxiway parallel to runway, connected 
at both ends and the center to runway, apron in center). It maybe this 
applies only to asphalt and concrete runways.

Best option is to take Taxidraw, layout a nice taxiway network (preferably the 
"real" one) an submit your changes to David Luff. It will be incorporated 
into the next scenery release.


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