Le mardi 21 juin 2005 à 11:34 +0400, Roman Grigoriev a écrit :
> to Harald JOHNSEN:
> spot lights in fgfs I had 3 years ago. they worked on vertex program and
> registercombiners but everyone afraid of vertex programs and multitexturing
> You can see some screens here http://fgfs.narod.ru
> But I work on it and now I have runway lights, landing lights, relief
> mapping , DXT compression and another cool stuff that work on fragment and
> vertex program
> But fgfs community refuse to use it :(
> to sad to hear it :((
> but I have framework to use shaders from VP1.0 to GLSL in fgfs
> but you have some influence in fgfs community so I think you can do what I
> haven't done yet - have flightgear looks better by using some modern stuff.
> we can discuss about shaders with you
> feel free to mail me
> Thanx in advance
> Bye

That is beautiful which put away any others games (flight) simulators
(don't push me to give a name)
Here is a good example of parallel development.
An energy which must be used.

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