Jon Berndt

> > That all looks very good. Does your implementation of the Boost Control
> just
> > control the pressure, or does it act on the throttle as I understand was
> the
> > way it worked in the Merlin? In simulation terms the outcome is probably
> the
> > same.
> >
> > V.
> Hi, Vivian:
> That would be a question for Dave Luff, who wrote that engine model for
> JSBSim. If I had
> time I'd look at the FGPiston.cpp code, but I've got really limited time
> today and
> tomorrow; I'm getting the new JSBSim code integrated with FlightGear,
> among other things
> I've got to do.
> The last post I see from Dave was about 6 months ago on the JSBSim list.

Don't worry, it was only for interest. I can poke around in the code for



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