Jon Berndt wrote:
I'm continuing to install the new JSBSim code. I've run into a strange problem. 
After I
start up FlightGear and begin to parse an aircraft, I'll be humming along just 


I get to the point where the engine file is specified. When the engine file is


it causes the file to be opened and read using a call to the easyXML routine, 
It's the same routine, of course, that is being used to successfully parse the 
aircraft config file. This works fine in JSBSim standalone, but in FlightGear, 
when this
second call to readXML() is made, the program dies:

FlightGear aborting

I'm wondering if I missed something in the build process?

Are you calling readXML while another call to readXML is in progress? It could be (I haven't checked this yet) that this function uses static local variables to store information and calling it again while another call is in progress would destroy the stored values.

It might be better to store the filenames that need to be read and read them one after another.


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