Between the time spent getting ready for shows like Scale and MIADC and the myriad other things that consume our daily lives found some time to work on the Project. Curt posted a couple of pics detailing the '05 rebuild. The project for the summer is to finish the center pedestal. MCDU screens are cannabilized from Sony Playstations with a little added circuitry to handle standard VGA output rather than TV and create composite video sync signals. The pedestal panels are from Flightdeck Solutions, located in Toronto and led by Peter Cos --- a top notch, world class oufit. Great parts and super support.

The MIADC show with Mathworks in May was a big success. Support was outstanding and the sim log was full from setup to teardown. We had a large premium room all to ourselvs along with hospitality bar -- talk about a deadly combination ;-)

Still running with a modified version of Durk's code we used at Scale3x. we've been invited back for Scale4x and might just go to the AVSIM meeting in San Diego during September. See

John W

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