* Melchior FRANZ -- Thursday 30 June 2005 09:40:
> If the scope of the returned guarded pointer ended, the whole subtree
> basically ended as zombie
> It would have to do this recursively. Because neither SGPropertyNode_ptr
> nor SGPropertryNode do AFAIK destroy their children on destruction. (And I
> don't know if this would be desirable.) So there *had* another function to be
> written. 

Except that they *do* destroy their children with the same refcount-guarded
delete mechanism, right? So the main argument against the new method shouldn't
have been "it casts a shadow on the wonderful world of refcounting", but "the
problem that you are trying to solve doesn't even exist".  :-)

So we'll revert all these patches and return to the original state, plus:
refcounting for aliases(?), and maybe an added removeChildren()? So much
work for nothing ... sigh ...


PS:  :-P

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