On Sunday 13 May 2007 10:16:43 Georg Vollnhals wrote:

Hi Georg,

> Hi Matthias and Nick,
> I only can confirm this.
> After Matthias' post I did a complete new compile cycle last night(OSG,
> SimGear, FlightGear) and had a look on the framerates at 2 wellknown
> places.
> Unfortunately the problem is still there:
> Aktual OSG svn, my EDDW scenery, BO105            15 - 18 frames/sec
> "Gérards" OSG version, same scenery and aircraft  60 - 85 frames/sec
> (where higher framerates than 85 are cut due to VSYNC)
> Ok, today I am going back to the older version Gérard mentioned,
> although I have some display artifacts in combination with the newest
> SimGear/FG CVS.

Yes, I have the artifacts too.  I am just rebuilding without SDL - something 
must be doing this if some people report no problems, and some get 
the 'unusable' issue.


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