* Markus Zojer -- Wednesday 01 August 2007:
> That should be all, hopefully everything works now.

No, doesn't:

  Nasal runtime error: setprop() value is not string or number
    at $FG_ROOT/Aircraft/B-1B/Nasal/b1b.nas, line 359

That's because init_b1b() is called with settimer(..., 0) and not
with setlistener("/sim/signals/fdm-initialized", ...);

And then there's this bug:

  setprop("sim/user/callsign", 'B-ONE');

The callsign is something that the *user* chooses, and not something
that the aircraft may set, let alone: override! Unless you want to
make sure that nobody uses the B-1B on multiplayer, of course ... :-}


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