* Markus Zojer -- Wednesday 01 August 2007:
> Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > That's because init_b1b() is called with settimer(..., 0) and not
> > with setlistener("/sim/signals/fdm-initialized", ...);
> >   
> Thats not beautiful, I agree but worked for me ..

It's one of the bugs that depend on installation and setup -- on the
number of active subsystems, workload for the other threads, etc.

> will you fix it or should I?

I can try.   (Our CVS server doesn't always allow it, as it sets
the committer of a dir as its owner ...)

> > And then there's this bug:
> >
> >   setprop("sim/user/callsign", 'B-ONE');

> although the
> sim/user/callsign
> doesn't change your multiplayer callsign but the callsign ATC addresses 
> to you, normally Golf Foxtrot Sierra.

OK, whatever it changes: it's a bug. The property "dir" is called /sim/*USER*/
for a reason. It's user stuff, not aircraft stuff. I for one have this
call sign set in my $FG_HOME/preferences.xml, and I don't see why any
aircraft should override my personal choice.

This looks like a bug, too:  setprop("sim/multiplay/chat_display", 1);
(although I haven't seen any effect). No aircraft should mess with *my*
chat features. That's overstepping its competence. It's an aircraft.
Nothing more, nothing less.


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