Am Montag 05 November 2007 schrieb Carroll Barry:
> Hello all,
> I would like to use Flightgear to display real-time air traffic.  At the
> moment I am using tracking data from this site:
> What I would like to be able to do is to create and control aircraft
> programmatically from a c++ application.
> I have tried to find out if this is possible myself and I came across some
> useful info on the wiki that allows you to write flight plans in xml.  This
> isn't suitable for me unfortunately because I need to create and control
> aircraft "on the fly" rather than have it all defined at startup.

IMO the existing AI solutions aren't really suited to your problem. They try 
hard to setup an AIFlightPlan for every plane, which is responsible for 
(semi-)automatically routing the aircraft (calculating course, approx. 
attitudes etc.). Most of these calculations are obsolete in your case. All 
you want is to display your external AI traffic position data (probably with 
a bit of interpolation)

As you want to do it as an external application anyway, maybe the best way is 
to use the multiplayer protocol and implement it as a custom multiplayer 


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