Am Montag 05 November 2007 schrieb Carroll Barry:
> Hi Thomas,
> Thanks for the reply.  Would your solution allow me to manually control
> what might be thousands or aircraft?
> I haven't looked into the multiplayer protocol yet because I am just using
> the standalone exe on my pc.  Would I be correct in thinking that I would
> implement the following:
> A "virtual" client (perhaps a thread) for each aircraft that connects to
> the multiplayer server as a computer-controlled "player".  

Should not be necessary. All you do is to output the AI aircraft positions to 
all clients connected. The server itself fetches the data from the internet 
or whatever the source. No need to have a client for every AI plane.

In a way you "fake" connected players on your customized server.

> Then I would 
> connect to the server myself and perhaps fly around manually so I can see
> the other aircraft?

Yep, thats the visual side.

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