Am Donnerstag 03 Januar 2008 schrieb tangyong:
> ...(Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems)...

> A-SMGCS should manage all kinds of vehicles(including aircrafts and cars)
> on airport.So I need to simulate more than twenty aircrafts moving on the
> airport surface to test A-SMGCS.

This sounds interesting and is something on my long term todo list, as it will 
also improve realistic looking AI traffic at airports.

> FG multiplayer can support multi aircrafts 
> to fly together,but that means I need twenty persons to control twenty FG
> instances.

For display the Multiplayer module uses AI objects anyway. So it depends on 
what exactly (i.e. how smart) you want to make your moving objects. If you 
can program a reasonable behaviour the go with the AI module. If the planes 
need human control, well then you need 20 people anyway...

> The flightplan can support multi aircrafts,but the scenario 
> is writed in the xml files initially.

Well, TrafficManager based AI planes do quite 'intelligent' routing (taxi 
to/from runway) themselves. All that is specified in the XML there is 
departure/arrival airport and when to go. Ground vehicles like passenger 
busses may be done the same way, using a different routing network. I suppose 
its no big deal to improve support for that in TaxiDraw.

> We can not modify the flightpalan when 
> the FG is running.Could anybody give me some design ideas?Should I use AI
> module to do that,can FG been modified to support this?

I think this quite doable using the AIModels module. What is needed is a way 
to reinitialize the user aircraft structure from the data of the 
FGAIAircraft. In essence this is online plane switching, which everyone 
wishes for but is not implemented yet. I can see some logical issues though 
switching to a MultiPlayer controlled aircraft, so this needs be sorted out.

As far as I know a rough user interface for AI aircraft selection is 
implemented in the UFO (Melchior?).

So as a summary:
Every of your requirements except plane switching can be done quite easily 
using existing FG code. Online plane changing is a long wanted feature, so 
there is some chance to get it implemented in one of the next releases.


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