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> Hi,everybody.I am doing an project of A-SMGCS(Advanced Surface Movement
> Guidance and Control Systems). An A-SMGCS should support the following
> primary functions:
> a) surveillance;
> b) routing;
> c) guidance; and
> d) control.
> A-SMGCS should manage all kinds of vehicles(including aircrafts and cars)
> on airport.So I need to simulate more than twenty aircrafts moving on the
> airport surface to test A-SMGCS.FG multiplayer can support multi aircrafts
> to fly together,but that means I need twenty persons to control twenty FG
> instances.My question is that how can I modify FG to adapt multi aircrafts
> to run in one instance and I can switch from one aircraft to another to
> control it.When I control one aircraft ,the others could move
> automatically. The flightplan can support multi aircrafts,but the scenario
> is writed in the xml files initially.We can not modify the flightpalan
> when the FG is running.Could anybody give me some design ideas?Should I
> use AI module to do that,can FG been modified to support this

I don't know if this is a full solution to what you need, but there is a
lead_target.nas script in the data/Nasal directory.  It's a bit overly
complex as an example, but if you wade through all the extra stuff, it shows
how to dynamically control an AI aircraft from a nasal script.

In this case the nasal script directs the AI aircraft to fly various
maneuvers.  The commands are given by setting specific properties tied to
that aircraft (things like target heading, target speed, target altitude, or
even lon/lat.)

It seems like it should be possible to setup a number of AI aircraft and
then have pretty tight control over their behavior via the property system.


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