Hi Oliver,
the HLA specifications (IEEE 1516) are not free, that's a disadvantage. However 
there are open-source HLA run-time environments (e.g. 
http://www.cert.fr/CERTI), so it's not necessary to implement whole new HLA 
run-time environment.

Regarding the multiplayer in FlightGear I see two options:
1) Either to implement a FlightGear proprietary protocol for multiplayer with a 
gateway to HLA, or 2) to actually use native HLA as a multiplayer protocol.

The solution 1) means a new protocol and a new server (updated fgms) needs to 
be implemented, but the implementation requires no IEEE standards and the 
solution doesn't depend on a 3rd party framework.
The solution 2) doesn't require any new protocol nor HLA gateway to be 
implemented (HLA RTI will be used instead of fgms), but introduces an 
additional dependency on a 3rd party software.

What would you think: proprietary fgms with HLA gateway, or native HLA?

Best Regards,
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> Datum: 04.03.2008 23:22
> Předmět: Re: [Flightgear-devel] Suggestion to make FlightGear 
> multiplayercompliant with HLA
>Hi Petr.
>I (as the author of fgms) would be pretty much interrested to implement
>fgms as part of a HLA infrastructur.
>What detained me from going that way is, that I found no free (as is free
>beer) documentation on HLA specifications and the quite complex structure
>(too complex for a one-man-show). Additionaly I'm not sure about license
>issues involed. Are we allowed to publish all parts of (our) HLA
>infrastructur under the GPL (which will kind of undermine cash-flow of
>documentation providers like the IEEE)?

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