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> multiplayer compliant with HLA
> I (as the author of fgms) would be pretty much interrested to 
> implement fgms as part of a HLA infrastructur.

I've created an interface module for the FlightGear flight simulator
that communicates the model status via the HLA 1.3 simulation
infrastructure. There is an open-source HLA RTI
http://www.cert.fr/CERTI, so the interface module can be used without
any additional fees.
It's not intended to replace the FlightGear multiplayer server (fgms).
It should rather simplify the integration of FlightGear into
scientific/industrial simulations which are based on HLA.
The sources can be downloaded from
http://sourceforge.net/projects/virtualair, but it's not easy to
compile. You need to apply a small patch and build the whole FlightGear
from sources.

This is an alpha version, but comments, suggestions and thoughts of any
kind are welcome.

Best Regards, 

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