Hello !

I'm still digging into FlightGear sound subsystem. :-)
Today, I make a small modification in AI Aircrafts, to let them  
produce some noise.
If someone is interested - the code can be found at 
  (do not forget to back up existent files).
This code is really ugly, and I know, the things should work another  
way, if we want
to use OpenAL potential and achieve a true sound positioning in 3d  
space. But right now,
every sound in FG "exists" in cabin of selected aircraft.
I guess there's need of little modification of FGFX class to use a  
real 3d positioning of surrounding sounds.
Right now, I'm not completely understand how does FGFX class work, it  
seems it standing for some kind
of "global" sound proxy between FG and SimGear.
If somebody has worked with or on this class - then I'd like to ask  
him for a little help. I need any thoughts,
imaginations about which way can it be modified to let it work with  
multiple 3d sound emitters.


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