(getting back into some route-manager / GPS hacking, after a busy few months)

Can anyone (with more experience of the GUI code and Nasal) suggest how close I can get to a GUI like the one I've mocked-up below:

<<inline: Picture 4.png>>

the idea being you enter an ICAO code, and when a valid code is entered, the runways menu gets populated (defaulting to the active runway for the airport, that's the one marked with an asterix) and we also update the airport text field to show full name.

Here's what I think this needs, but perhaps I'm wrong:

- the ability to populate a menu (of runways, in this case, but it could be anything) dynamically from a script / dialog-action - presumably from a Nasal array of strings, or a hash. - a way to run a dialog-action every time a text input field (for the airport ICAO code) receives a key-press, so I can keep trying to look up the airport and then populate the runways menu.

I want this for the route-manager dialog, but I can imagine similar concepts being useful in the other places in the GUI - for example the 'position on ground' dialog could have the runway and parking position fields replaced with menus, avoiding having to guess the correct values.


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