Hello everyone,

first let me say that I realy appreciate what you are doing. Flightgear
is an awesome project, I realy love it. I've been watching it's
development for a couple of months now and I would be glad to

I'm using the Citation-Bravo and CitationX frequently, and currently am
working on a couple of things I've been realy missing, and I want your
opinion and maybe some hints:

1) The Primus1000 always shows distance and bearing (the additional
blueish and white needles) to the VOR-Stations tuned in, even if they
are out of range. I think this is not how it is supposed to be. I
changed it so that the DME-Display in the Primus-PFD shows ---.- if the
VOR is out of range. I saw this on a picture of the P1000 (keep it
In lack of better knowledge I made the blueish/white needles always
point to the 12 o'clock position. If anyone of you knows how a real
P1000 would behave in this situation, I would be glad to implement this.
Anyway, I think this is better than having the needles pointing at some
random direction pretending to know what they are doing.

2) The white/blueish needles point to true-bearing-values while
everything else shows magnetic-values. I changed that, assuming it's a
mistake. If you know better, please explain.

3) I think it would be nice, if the CDI would show the course-deflection
in FMS-Mode the same way it does in NAV-Mode. I implemented that by
setting the deflection to deflection=bearing-legcourse, where the
legcourse is the direction from the last waypoint to the current
waypoint. I think this value should be divided by 5 (using degrees, not
Yet, I again do not know if this is supported by the real P1000. So what
do you think?

4) I implemented a stop watch for the M877. Select the most-right
position with the select-button. Start/Stop/Restart the timer with the
other button. Nice when you are in a procedure-pattern. Do you want

5) I want... no... I need Buttons in the 3D-Cockpit to select
previous/next Waypoint. There is this console called CDU in the middle.
I think those buttons should go there. This CDU shows the first four or
five Waypoints, I could also work on this. So what do you think? Maybe
the Primus-MFD would also be a nice place for that. Suggestions??

6) I've been thinkink about the Primus-MFD assuming there are a lot of
features that are not implemented. I would realy like to enhance this,
but i cannot find any documentation on the thingy. Without knowing what
a real P1000 can do...
example: it would be nice to have a screen that shows the
VOR-IDs/Bearing/Selected Radial/DME, as well as the current waypoint-id,
distance, bearing and leg.

I am having issues with the Autopilot in the Citation-Bravo. Doesnt't
work at all. Holds altitude, anything else fails. But I didn't sort this
out. Will let you know.

live long and prosper,

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