I've cooked up a (crude!) moving navigational map as a custom PUI widget - it's 
*not* an Atlas-replacement, or an MPMap replacement, more a 'close in' thing 
for situational awareness, and a way to prototype and experiment with 
techniques I'll use in real cockpit displays in the future. (it's also very 
useful for debugging route-manager/LNAV/GPS leg bugs!)

The wiki page:


includes links to the relevant patches, instructions, known issues (which are 
many - it may even crash FG if you zoom out too far, and will certainly bring 
your frame-rate right down) and so on.

I plan to add this to the CVS 'soon', so testing and feedback would be much 
appreciated. I'd be particularly interested in smaller changes to improve the 
usability - I'm aware that people differ greatly in how they like to navigate 
such interfaces. 'Big' suggestions such as including terrain elevation data 
will be politely ignored for the moment.


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