On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 8:43 AM, Torsten Dreyer <tors...@t3r.de> wrote:

> First of all: That's a really cool eye candy, good work!

Seconded.  This is the coolest addition I've seen to FlightGear in a long time.

> What I noticed from a close up is, that it seems that the floor of the
> "buildings" is below elevation zero and the roof is at elevation zero. It
> looks somewhat as if the cities were carved out of the landscape instead of
> been built uppon it. This is especially irritating when a waterway is crossing
> an urban area and the water surface is several meters above the ground.

I noticed the same problem with roads and 3d buildings -- they're
floating above the city.  Is it possible to make the bump maps go up
instead of down?

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