On Sun, 2010-12-12 at 09:53 +0000, Alexander Barrett wrote:
> What I should have said is that I'd like to add a lot more functionality to 
> the way in which we use and hear sounds within FlightGear. Just like a lot of 
> things, it won't be to everyones taste, but just as an example I'd like to 
> see an aircraft parked at a small grassfield strip, with the engine off and 
> canopy open and to be able to hear the wind blowing through the trees, if 
> there's enough wind at ground level to be blowing through trees. Who knows, 
> perhaps a bit of bird song? 
> Sitting on the deck of a moving carrier with engines off and canopy open I 
> think we should be able to hear the throb of the carriers engines and, 
> possibly, the crashing of the waves. 
> On an airliner I think it would be good to be able to have the option of 
> hearing the cabin briefings during pushback. 

Thinking about this some more this would probably require adding sound
effects to AI models and maybe to scenery sweet spots. Bot are not yet
implemented but the sound manager is designed to be able to do so.


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