Well - yes - I am rather disappointed

Especially because i looked again, but cannot find any of my suggested
improvements in the latest "getstart", in regards to structuring,
referencing, and looks. In addition I did not really see an answer to
Curtis question, that started that all - I get that kind of questions
every week during my ATCing - and hoped I had an answer.

But as I said at the beginning: Our dev.group had done quite some job
designing the "getstart" quite some time ago - which I thought I could
contribute to, especially from a more USERs-viewpoint. But I surely will
not set up a competitive environment against that basically good work.

Just let me beg for one last wish: Please spend that now "getstart" at
least a little cosmetic treatment! Somehow I do not believe that the
pictures shown in it represent todays FlightGears possibilities,
especially in regards to scenery! Look e.g. the title-picture - but also
several others inside. (Yes - I know: The work that counts is the
(hidden) engineering - but what sells it, is the (outside visible)

I will now complete my announced task to finalize the German
translation, based on the "getstart".

And I will keep the EN/version as is on my homepage - but will not
provide a direct link to it for standard users. If anybody anytime wants
to use it or parts of it for FlightGear - he is welcome to do so.
I hope: No harm done

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