> We also note that you are back to using the .png textures with their
> black
> edges etc., rather than the .dds that we provided. Use of .dds textures
> should at least be no worse than .png and at best will provide a small
> performance advantage.

That's a technical requirement of Stuart's system, no intentional step:
Textures have to be arranged in regular m x n structures on the sheet. I
don't think I have seen dds textures from you with this structure.

What I used earlier and what you converted to dds where textures
associated with a model which supported any arrangement of textures on the
sheet. The dds couldn't be used, and I needed everything in m x n sheets
in a hurry - Emilian at some point offered help for the transition in the
forum, but that apparently got lost on the way.

My original intention was that the texture sheets get completely reworked
and replaced by better quality imagery where possible, then converted to
dds while the current sheets are to be used for a transition period only.
But evidence suggests that that period may be longer than expected...

So again, there is no intention to disregard your conversion work involved
here - sorry if that impression was created.

* Thorsten

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