On 21 Jul 2012, at 21:46, stefan riemens wrote:

> Obviously, I think the best choice of these is to switch to osgWidget,
> and I'm willing to take that task upon me.
> I've made a clone on Gitorious, with a osgWidget MenuBar
> implementation. Its currently pretty quick and dirty, and looks
> absolutely horrible, but it (mostly) works.
> https://gitorious.org/~stefanriemens/fg/stefanriemens-flightgear
> Before pushing further with it, I'd like to hear other devs opinions
> on how to go forwards...

I've got about 25% of option 1) done in a private branch.

I believe 4) (using osgWidget) is not great because osgWidget is essentially 
unfinished, unmaintained and has no examples of the kind of widgets we actually 
need - sliders, combo boxes, dials and so on. The great advantage of porting 
PLIB is that the we already use its API, and it already implements all the 
widgets we need :)

I did start using osgWidget, and realised to create scrollbars, combo-boxes and 
sliders that work, and then port all the dialog / menu code to use the new API, 
was a huge amount of work, and would require updating all the dialog XML 
definitions. I am hopeful (though not sure) that I can make approach 1) and 
keep all the existing generic and aircraft-specific dialog XML files looking 
'okay' and working as intended.

My assumption is to make osgWidget do what we need, you will *have* to fork it 
(although you may be able to upstream the changes if they are generic enough) 
and will spend a lot of time creating all the widgets we need. If you disagree, 
I am more than happy to help and collaborate, but I'd like to see 
proof-of-concept code, say, a combo-box and scrollbar before agreeing you can 
do it :)


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