Am 2012-07-24 15:43, schrieb James Turner:
> Oh, I remembered the other 'difficult' widget - the scrolling lists and
> (related) multi-line text. My feeling was that osgText was going to
> handle multi-line text fairly badly, and this might be an issue. We
> don't have many multi-line text widgets, but they're some useful ones -
> e.g. the Nasal console.

I have just experimented a bit with osgText and multi-line text. So far
I didn't notice any problems.

>> Regarding canvas, I think that that is definitively the way to go for
>> stuff like the map widget, but to be honest I have my doubts whether
>> it would be suitable for the entire gui. I must admit though, so far
>> I've only read the documentation on the wiki, so I haven't played
>> around with it yet.
> Right, canvas makes more sense for the map-widget and replacing the old
> OpenGL calls in the HUD is my feeling; to build something compatible with
> the current GUI using the canvas might be possible, but is a lot of work.

But using the Canvas also for the GUI would give us the advantage of a
unified rendering backend for any type of GUI/text rendering and also
the ability to use the same widgets everywhere - eg. use them also
inside aircrafts for CDU GUIs or other displays...

I've done a quick proof of concept for a tabbed and scrollable widget
(including some UTF-8 chars):


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