Am 22.07.12 22:40, schrieb Thomas Geymayer:
> Hi Stefan,
> Am 2012-07-21 22:46, schrieb stefan riemens:
>> It's obviously a long time wish to get rid of the PLIB dependency, and
>> one of the main subsystems using it is the GUI. There are a couple of
>> things lacking in possibilities with the current implementation:
>> - Proper internationalisation. PUI doesn't support UTF-8, limiting
>> i18n support tremendously.
>> - Things like submenus
>> - The code is pretty messy, by the looks of it mostly due to the
>> oldness of PUI and its API
> Have you seen my ongoing efforts towards a unified 2D drawing system
> called Canvas ( It basically allows
> drawing 2D shapes (with OpenVG) and text (using osgText::Text).
> As it uses osgText for textrendering, supporting UTF-8 is very easy. I
> just tried it and with changing a single line of code now also using
> UTF-8 is supported.
> Currently only drawing inside an existing (PUI) dialog is possible, but
> the idea is to slowly implement the current functionally in Nasal and
> get rid of the hardcoded PUI widgets. Only some code for mouse/keyboard
> interaction with Nasal will be needed.
> In contrary to using some hardcoded GUI system (PUI, osgWidget, etc.)
> this approach would give much more flexibility and also the means of
> modifying and creating new widgets without the need to touch any core code.
> With the Canvas system every type of widget would be possible, so that
> also things like submenus can be realized.
> Another advantage of the Canvas approach is that it is heavily using the
> property tree and therefore is already fully accessible from Nasal code
> and also configurable with the existing xml formats.
> Switching to another scripting language or adding support for a new one,
> I think would be far too much work and not worth the efforts.
> Regards,
> Tom

I don’t know what is it worth to think about a GUI inside fgfs at all 
sometimes. When I look to what can be done i.e. with the FGx launcher, 
properties and now HLA/RTI I’m thinking about trying to skip the 
built-in GUI at all ;-)

Cheers, Yves

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