On 17 Jan 2013, at 16:31, Renk Thorsten <thorsten.i.r...@jyu.fi> wrote:

> Nevertheless, that would make 50 seem a rather harmless number. Especially 
> when I'm going to assume that no one with a much older card will be able to 
> run a shader with 6 overlay textures in anything resembling a usable 
> framerate anyway.
> So I will for the time being consider a number of below 100 uniforms 
> harmless, and we can change strategy once actual problems crop up. Any 
> objections?

Seems a good plan. The only other thing I would say (in general) is test early 
- get a cabal of people with known hardware, who are able to report problems / 
debug shaders without too much hand-holding, and give them an fgdata clone to 
test against regularly (like, daily or weekly). (And yes I do fully volunteer 
for that!)

The sooner you know a particular approach is problematic for a class of 
hardware, the sooner you'll know how many tiers of support you might need, and 
catch driver / chipset specific issues.

Otherwise, you'll put in months of work, publish, and get a deluge of 'it 
doesn't work for me' reports which I am sure you do not enjoy!


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