Hi all,

Hyde has submitted a work-around for issue 772, which you can see here:


He'd like this merged before the freeze (actually it's a fix so it can be 
merged afterwards, but still), I'd like to hear any opinions on if this is a 
bad idea or good idea. Personally I'm not so affected by issue 772, but if many 
people are, the work-around seems just-about-acceptable to me.

(Obviously it would be nicer to fix Yasim for real, but let's skip that just 
for a moment)

Does anybody feel strongly that either:

 - the bug is very bad, so that the workaround is definitely needed (keeping in 
mind it's a long-standing bug)
 - the work-around is very bad, for some scenario I didn't imagine myself? 
(Helicopters on the ground? But they likely benefit more from the fix?)

I'm happy to merge the change above to get some feedback, with the 
understanding that if people raise 'problems which are worse than the original 
issue' before 2.12 is final, we could revert it.

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