On Tue, 3 Sep 2013, Arnt Karlsen wrote:

> ..forget DVDs, put FG scenery, fgdata
> etc on usb sticks or on sdhc cards:
> arnt@celsius:~/FG-git$ du -sch fgdat*
> 14G     fgdata
> 14G     fgdata_2.10.0
> 27G     fgdata_2.12.0
> 14G     fgdata_2.8.0
> 27G     fgdata_2.99.9
> 93G     total
> arnt@celsius:~/FG-git$

It is worth noting that what you need to restore a git repository is the 
contents of the .git directory. (A bundle, presumably, is that same data 
but arranged differently.)

The size of a reasonably clean (after git gc) fgdata .git directory
is about 5889 MB currently. Larger than a DVD, but not too bad for 
moving with a USB stick or similar.

And, of course, that contains the data for all releases until now.


Anders Gidenstam
WWW: http://gitorious.org/anders-hangar

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