On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 11:15 AM, Adrian Musceac wrote:
> I think one of the problems is that most of our objects have no concept of
> different LOD's. If we had objects with say 3 LOD, it would ease memory and
> graphics load. It should be possible to take an object and generate multiple
> LOD's for it automatically, but I have almost no knowledge about 3D objects.
> Might be worth checking it out.

While a good LoD system helps with graphics load, it doesn't help with overall
memory load (unless it's a PagedLOD), which was the problem with the buildings.

We have fairly good LoD solutions for both trees and buildings to help with the
graphics loads.  For example we display the large buildings are
further range than the
medium or small.  Hopefully people never notice it because it's quite subtle.


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