On Sunday, September 22, 2013 12:34:32 Thomas Albrecht wrote:
> With my python coding for OSM buildings in FG coming along nicely, I
> recently thought about creating semi-generic bridges. Is anyone else
> working on this? Or is anyone aware of an open source procedural bridge
> generator? Searching the net mostly turned out stuff for Houdini etc.
> Tom

Hi Tom, 
I think this came up before, and the conclusion was that it's difficult to do 
this outside of Terragear, since the tile structure only stores the polygons 
and their types, not neighbours (yet). So this should start somewhere in the 
clipper, but Terragear has underwent a heavy refactoring recently, and I'm no 
longer familiar with the code. I'm speaking as the guy who coded tens of 
python scripts to bring real AI schedules into Flightgear, so I'd wish it was 
possible to do this in Python.


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