De : Thomas Albrecht <>
Envoyé le : Lundi 23 septembre 2013 22h38
Objet : Re: [Flightgear-devel] procedural bridge generation

> I was thinking to circumvent the Terragear toolchain completely (for now), 
> and 'just' generate 3d bridge models
> based on OSM data. These could then go into the scenery DB, perhaps with a 
> tag that indicates they were automatically
> generated. I _guess_ the next scenery build will include OSM roads, so the 
> location of the bridges should be fine?
Yes the next terrain will use OSM data. We're also planning not to draw the 
bridges and tunnels shown by OSM, so you'd have the place to show them.

> BTW: I recall there were plans to including other OSM objects. Is there some 
> progress beyond what's listed
> in ?
Not to my knowledge, we lack manpower there.

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