I use fgdata from git repo and so have a fresh copy of apt.dat.gz.  I noted
that apt data is actually ahead of what is fetched with TerraSync: some
airports (at least UHPB, UIAE, UIUB, UIIB, but likely much more) present in
apt.dat.gz (and thus shown in Atlas) but not in the scenery (fgfs
--airports=UHPB starts in the woods, etc.).  I also suspect that as of now
TerraSync repo hasn't been updated yet.  I wonder if there's a "dev"
version of TerraSync SVN that is updated more frequently than once per
release, and is in sync with dev fgdata?

On a side note, recently I put together Perl script (
https://github.com/kroki/fg-navaid , still work in progress) to query
internal navdata cache (SQLite database) for various info.  Front page has
examples of currently available information outputs.  Mention it as an
easier way than digging through .dat.gz.

  Tomash Brechko
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