On 23 Sep 2013, at 13:58, Tomash Brechko <tomash.brec...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I use fgdata from git repo and so have a fresh copy of apt.dat.gz.  I noted 
> that apt data is actually ahead of what is fetched with TerraSync: some 
> airports (at least UHPB, UIAE, UIUB, UIIB, but likely much more) present in 
> apt.dat.gz (and thus shown in Atlas) but not in the scenery (fgfs 
> --airports=UHPB starts in the woods, etc.).  I also suspect that as of now 
> TerraSync repo hasn't been updated yet.  I wonder if there's a "dev" version 
> of TerraSync SVN that is updated more frequently than once per release, and 
> is in sync with dev fgdata?

TerraSync is supposed to in-sync with fgdata I think, but hopefully Martin will 
respond with more details.

> On a side note, recently I put together Perl script ( 
> https://github.com/kroki/fg-navaid , still work in progress) to query 
> internal navdata cache (SQLite database) for various info.  Front page has 
> examples of currently available information outputs.  Mention it as an easier 
> way than digging through .dat.gz.
I would greatly prefer you NOT do this, because the internal format of the 
cache (eg, the fact it's a SQL DB) is deliberately opaque. There are no 
guarantees made about the format of the file, the SQL scheme or anything. There 
is a version field of course, and I'm not planning or expecting any changes, 
but I really don't want to be tied to the current scheme if we discover 
problems or want to add something else in the future.

Kind regards,

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