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> Could it be some special format comments in the C++ code and an extraction 
> script to update 
> ?  Wouldn't recommend Doxygen though, I think something grep-able would be 
> enough.

Would be fine with me, yes - and ideally also to a textual page we could 
include with binary. I don't care if it's Doxygen / Javadoc or anything so long 
as the documentation can be written close to the function/method definition.

Text processing in that way is definitely not my area of expertise or 
happiness, so if you want to hack something up be my guest. Only problem is we 
are moving towards using Thomas' cppbind based template classes to expose new 
(and eventually, all) functionality to Nasal. This means much less code needs 
to be written, but I suspect complicates machine-drive documentation of the 
methods available on classes.

Of course we don't need a perfect solution - having someone simply shout at me 
every time I add new methods / functions and fail to update the Wiki would 
probably work quite well too :)

> Thanks for magvar() pointer, will look throught the code to see what other 
> goodies might be hiding :).

Quite a few goodies, although many are access by crazy argument overloads, 
which makes for very, uh, delicate calling syntax on the Nasal side. 

Incidentally the Nasal console in 2.12 is deliberately improved to make 
interactive experimentation a little easier - the Nasal console output is 
collected for you instead of buried in all the other log messages.

Kind regards,

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