I was reviewing the current menu structure and would like to propose a couple 
of changes. Partly because we have too many menus, all quite short, but also to 
remove some bad terminology.

Each of these changes is independent, comments explicitly requested:

 - merge 'Autopilot' into the Equipment menu, as a section (probably the first 
Autopilot is just another piece of equipment, and route-manager and GPS are 
really parallel features, since route-manger is basically the FMC. The combined 
menu is still a reasonable length. Aircraft without the default autopilot 
(including the C172) would need to
disable just those menu items, but that's ok

 - potentially rename 'Environment' to 'World' 

This is less of an issue, but makes sense with the next one:

- Move the AI items elsewhere 

  -- Traffic / Scenarios move to 'World' menu
  -- ATC services mode to World or Equipment (opinions requested)
  -- All the 'controls' for tanker/carrier/wingman also move to world (or 
somewhere even smarter … unfortunately PUI doesn't support sub-menus)

The rationale here is that 'AI' is a completely meaningless term for most 
users, and the way we use it in FlightGear has long since ceased to be 
accurate. 'AI objects' are really what is normally called a 'mobile' or 'actor' 
in most game engines. So the menu needs to either be removed or renamed, and I 
don't think there's a sane meaningful new name, compared to relocating the 

If most of the AI stuff moves to 'World', I think that name makes sense - it's 
about things outside your aircraft, which does include tankers, carriers and 
scenarios, as well as the weather and time/season.

A separate step, much harder to make happen, would be to explicitly reserve the 
Ctrl (Command on Mac) keybinding space for menu/non-aircraft keyboard 
shortcuts. I would really like to do this so we can have user-friendly 
key-bindings for dialogs and standard items, such as Ctrl-Q to quit, Ctrl-A for 
autopilot dialog, Ctrl-P for pause, Ctrl-R for reply, etc. [And the entire 
normal key / key + shift / key+alt ranges available FOR aircraft functions, of 
course) The problem is right now we have aircraft using Ctrl- shortcuts for 
many things (usually because they're the only choice), and I can't decide a 
sane way to migrate to this split without lots of breakage and frustration. Any 
ideas welcome.

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