On 26 Sep 2013, at 16:21, AJ MacLeod <aj-li...@adeptopensource.co.uk> wrote:

> That's exactly what the word environment means though, isn't it!  I really 
> don't think there's any point at all in changing the name of that menu entry; 
> the current one perfectly accurately describes "things around you" and avoids 
> having to change documentation etc.  

Okay, to me 'World' sounds a bit less technical, and it's also a shorter word. 
But either work, I agree.

> Regarding the control key mapping restrictions, I'm definitely not too keen 
> on that for this reason; the control key is usually one of the easiest 
> modifiers to find on a keyboard, and if anything I personally think more 
> flight-related functions should be accessed using the control key as you 
> often want to access those rapidly, perhaps even by feel without hunting 
> around the keyboard.
> Program related functions on the other hand are rarely needed in a hurry and 
> could be mapped to any modifier without making much difference to 
> functionality.
> Just my opinions, possibly strange ones :-)

Hmm, the problem is the OSs have already decreed that Ctrl (Command on Mac) is 
the standard shortcut key, so lots of Ctrl-something have standard meanings 
which FlightGear deviates from. Though we escape the worst of it since we don't 
support file or edit operations.

Keep in mind if the GUI things such as dialogs were moved to Ctrl-blah, that 
frees up lots of normal keys for use, which are currently taken up by simulator 
things. While I agree Ctrl is probably the easiest modifier to access (except 
maybe shift, since there's two, so it's more friendly for left-handed people), 
I think by this logic a shortcut with *no* modifiers is even easier to access, 
and that's an argument in *favour* of such change :)

I still don't have a good technical way to migrate this, so it's not a big deal 

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