On Thu, 26 Sep 2013 11:45:38 +0100
James Turner wrote:

The Autopilot menu change does make sense (although there may possibly be a 
case for keeping such a flight-critical menu rapidly accessed at the top level?)

>  - potentially rename 'Environment' to 'World' 
> If most of the AI stuff moves to 'World', I think that name makes sense - 
> it's about things outside your aircraft, which does include tankers, carriers 
> and scenarios, as well as the weather and time/season.

That's exactly what the word environment means though, isn't it!  I really 
don't think there's any point at all in changing the name of that menu entry; 
the current one perfectly accurately describes "things around you" and avoids 
having to change documentation etc.  

Regarding the control key mapping restrictions, I'm definitely not too keen on 
that for this reason; the control key is usually one of the easiest modifiers 
to find on a keyboard, and if anything I personally think more flight-related 
functions should be accessed using the control key as you often want to access 
those rapidly, perhaps even by feel without hunting around the keyboard.

Program related functions on the other hand are rarely needed in a hurry and 
could be mapped to any modifier without making much difference to functionality.

Just my opinions, possibly strange ones :-)



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