Following a 'tradition', I'd like to remind of a few issues which I think 
should perhaps be sorted out before 3.0, partially have been discussed 
previously and involve me asking for some help on the C++ side.

1) rain layers still do not drift with the wind and will be eventually 
displaced from their cap clouds. I've discussed this previously with James who 
suggested that a generic way of spawning AI objects (which can get a velocity) 
from Nasal rather than the current way of spawning non-AI models from Nasal 
which can not drift would perhaps be a solution. I don't know what the status 
of this is.

2) runway and other lights do not appear in the effect framework, hence they 
get fogged inconsistently with what Atmospheric Light Scattering is doing. I 
think a cheap fix would be to fade them to transparent rather than to fog 
color, otherwise they'd need to appear in the effect framework and then I could 
write a consistent shader to treat them. I don't know what is preferable. The 
same issue persists with particles, although that isn't as severe in terms of 
showing realistic low visibility for IFR (it's a bit of a spoiler then the 
runway lights are always visible...).

3) the sun is currently pretty much always drawn, in particular also if it is 
below the horizon - which means that it shows inside the 'terrain' when the far 
away terrain is just painted onto the skydome. The sun also shows 'through' a 
cloud layer if the cloud layer is invisible because it is fogged. I think a 
property control whether the sun (moon) should be rendered would solve this.

4) exposing the moon phase somewhere as a property would be nice, then the 
moonlight night lighting could be made automatically - currently it's property 
controlled and one needs to edit the property by hand to see it

5) following a forum discussion about lightmaps for city and suburban terrain, 
my idea would be to use the urban effect for this (which has that functionality 
already) and run a version of the urban shader without the relief effect if 
random buildings are on. That appears to be working fine:
FredB - is this a modification to the urban effect you can agree with?

6) there's still a 'crack' in the sky visible when the skydome shader is used. 
Based on the color of the crack which just shows the color of the default 
sunlight underneath (which the skydome shader can't possibly know), I believe 
this is really a fault line in the geometry and that it can't be fixed within 
the shader code.

It'd be nice to be able to get rid of some of these eventually - please let me 
know if anyone is working on any of these and I can start picking up things 
from the other end.


* Thorsten
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