I pushed full version of the fltk-1.1.9 library which has a support of DirectFB 
into git at "directfb.org".

Too I have made small changes in "configure.in" to lighten work with my version.

For instance :

$ git clone git://git.directfb.org/git/directfb/ports/FLTK_1.x-DirectFB
$ cd FLTK_1.x-DirectFB
$ autoconf
$ ./configure --enable-directfb --with-archflags="-I /path/to/directfb/include" 
$ make

Note there are two macroses in FL/xutils.h - X11_FONT_DIR1 and X11_FONT_DIR2. 
Use them to set correct path to your fonts directory.

As usual you can use this version with any other architecture.

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