On 04/10/13 09:25, Howard Rubin wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Apr 2013 08:48:35 -0700, Greg Ercolano <e...@seriss.com> wrote:
>> It's also rare apps try to do anything with the capslock state.
> I don't agree. Most login screens warn immediately if capslock is on 
> because their password fields don't echo input.

        Right, though login screens have quite a few oddities about them
        that are unlike regular GUIs.. inability to be 'stowed', fullscreen
        with no docks/taskbars, running without a window manager (to prevent
        window manager hotkey backdoors).

        I imagine there's a bit of Xlib coding needed on top of fltk to pull off
        a secure login screen, flwm being one example.

        If you wrote the code in pure Xlib, you'd still encounter this problem,
        the workaround apparently being to access the LEDs directly I think.

        Anyway, not sure if hacking X11's event structure in the case of 
        is a good idea or not -- seems like an X11 bug to me, and not sure if 
        appropriate for FLTK to try to cover that up with a hack.

        Would like to hear what other devs say.

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