>       If I understand correctly, the capslock state info is correct
> during
>       regular keypresses, just not when the capslock key is hit.

Yes - in all the tests I tried, the Caps Lock state was always "correct" during 
(and after) regular key presses.

However, any attempt to discern the Caps Lock state immediately after the Caps 
Lock key was pressed / released a few times, with no other key pressed since, 
was "unreliable".

(For X11 on Linux, in a VBox VM... "real" systems may be more consistent!)

As a rider, I suggested in an earlier post that the OSX hosted VM was not even 
delivering the Caps Lock key down/up events to the hosted OS until the next 
"regular" key was pressed.

However, subsequent testing using xev shows this is not strictly true; however, 
the keyboard state in the VM is so messed up by the flurry of events that are 
delivered (for a single Caps Lock key transition, I see half a dozen events, 
where a normal key sends 1...) that any attempt to discern the Caps Lock state 
(e.g. via XQueryKeymap or otherwise) returns unreliable status...

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