On 9 Apr 2013, at 22:02, Greg Ercolano wrote:

> On 04/09/13 12:29, Greg Ercolano wrote:
>>      we could perhaps provide a wrapper to get the
>>      state of the keyboard LEDs (for operating systems that provide this)
>>      e.g. fl_get_indicators() or some such that returns flags.
>   Maybe fl_get_keyboard_leds() and fl_set_keyboard_leds() would be better.
>   There might be some resistance to adding this though, since FLTK
>   is primarily a GUI toolkit trying to "stay light" on its API,
>   its intention to abstract GUI related features, and not abstract
>   all features of the window manager.
>   Guess I'd be curious what other devs have to say.

I'm not opposed per se, though I do woory about clutter...

However, as I said to Howard earlier; for me, on F17 (and now also Ubuntu 
12.10) I find that it doesn't actually work, with the linux image  in a 
VirtualBox VM.

I *assume* this is some VM weirdness, but am not sure...

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