> Is that "if you specify 0 in a soundfont, fluidsynth will translate
> that to a 16ms release" or is that "fluidsynth is not capable of
> producing less than a 16ms release"? 

Need to correct my previous statement: The minimum release time is defined as 1 
ms by the SF2 spec (sect. 8.1.3). However fluidsynth translates that to 16 ms 
to minimize clicks ( commit 1928baf1944a40d98bc919e839bc5e72938c6215 ). 

The native unit of this generator is in absolute timecents. So if you specify 0 
in a soundfont that would give you 1 sec of release time. You probably meant to 
specify 0 ms in a soundfont editor, which would be translated to -12000 
timecents when saving and being clipped to -7200 timecents (i.e. 16 ms) by 


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