Please let Mr. Saatchi know that while I can not replace several million
pounds of lost art, I would be willing to donate several kilos fluxus to his

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Subject: FLUXLIST: Becks Futures 2004

> This is probabaly only of interest to those of you who
> live in the u.k. but tonight on B.B.C. 2 TV there is a
> programme about Becks Futures ART Award ceremony with
> Yoko Ono giving out the prizes and a look at some of
> the work which includes animals made from carpet fluff
> and bananas.
> Also on a rather tragic note we hear that several
> million pounds worth of modern art from the collection
> of Charles Sattchi was destroyed in a worehouse fire
> in East London, including works by Tracey EMin, teh
> CHapman Bros. and Damien Hurts.
> Michael
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