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--- Bertrand Delacretaz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> On Friday 08 June 2001 02:34, Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> > ...We have some very good developers contributing expertise to FOP. 
> > ...There are no obstacles here, except those that occur because 
> > we are stretched for time...
> I think this raises the question of fop users sponsoring developers: I have a 
> feeling that quite a few companies are using fop in production or eagerly 
> waiting for it to be ready for production. 

If any companies in London want to use FOP and need professional advice then 
please contact me ( I am considering providing FOP consultancy 
and support but need to evaluate the demand before employing more developers 
and documenters.

I think the best way to pay for open source development of FOP is if 
development takes place in response to real life business requirements.
This is why I am looking at bringing together a team of people experienced with
Apache/XML/Cocoon/FOP/Tomcat/etc and offering that service to corporations
as a business venture rather than a loose bunch of highly skilled
but erratic open source developers.

Ideally that team need to be in London - but if there is the demand then
I can look at employing European developers on a part time basis.
(There are too many problems for my firm to pay non European Union people 
unless they are really worth it :-)

Open Source Credentials:
I have already used FOP in one significant production environment 
and would like to use this knowledge again elsewhere.
I admit I am not a FOP committer - but I hope to have made a small effort by
helping out with the FAQ.

My next job for the FOP FAQ is to extract a short - plain html version of the FAQ
which can be included in the official docs and put on the official website.

Apache Credentials:
I also have experience of Turbine, Jetspeed Tomcat and Jyve and are using them in
professional sites ( )

My biggest problem is that I am not allowed to use the word Apache in advertising
according to the licensing agreement. Does anyone know where to discuss this?

I hope the rambling above isn't too far off topic...

For more information please visit

If you have any info for the FAQ please post it here, or email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Any suggestions for how to improve the FAQ or the documentation please post
to this list.

Alex McLintock

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OpenWeb Analysts Ltd, 
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