Art Welch wrote:

> Anyhow, it looks like the table drawing problem is back. This has come and
> gone before. What I am seeing is each cell in a row being drawn to its own
> maximum height instead of to the row height. Are others seeing this? Is
> anyone else working on this (or in this area). I had fixed a similar problem
> a while back, but my changes were superceded by someone else's changes. I
> just do not want to spend time on this if someone is already in the area. In
> case it is not clear, what I am seeing is table borders drawn something like
> this:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> |  Column 1   | Column 2 Block 1 |    Column 3    |
> +-------------+ Column 2 Block 2 +----------------+
>               --------------------
> If I am reading the spec correctly this behavior is not correct. The spec
> indicates that table cells (and their borders) should fill (and be
> coincident with) the table grid.
> The other problem that I am seeing is the footers (static content in region
> after) are not showing up. But I have not started looking into this yet. Is
> anyone else seeing (or not) this?
> Thank You,
> Art


I think I may be the one that superseded your previous changes, since
they had brought back the "table breaks too early" bug. But I did lots
of tests with various kinds of tables (and I just did a few with the
latest CVS) and I have never seen the behavior with the cells which you
describe above. Can you send an .fo file that does this? I'd be more
than happy to try to work on that.

Karen Lease

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