Here are some questions I think we should ask ourselves when attacking the

- What is the timeframe?
Start after the next release and continue for approximately 3 months.

- How will it be handled?
Do we create a branch and continue bug fixes for the current FOP. Would
this waste time.

- Who will do what?

- Is the Rendering mechanism sufficient?
I think it is close but not perfect, no major changes should be needed.

- Is the area tree correct?
No. This should be written to handle the area tree more closely, with the
correct structure, data. It should not contain any layout logic (eg. line
area and hyphenation). It should be as independant as possible from the FO
objects. Also need to be able to adjust positions when layout changes.

- Is the FObj tree creation sufficient?
I think so.

- Is the Property handling sufficient?
Not quite. The refinement of properties doesn't appear to be very easy
(functions, merging etc.).

- Is the layout sufficient?
No. This is the main area that needs redoing.

Layout Questions.

How do we handle forward references?

How do we handle out of line objects (footnotes, floats, conditional

How do we handle stacking constraints (space, breaks, keeps)?

How do we handle descendant rules?

How do we handle situations where layout needs redoing (columns, line area
alignment, footnotes etc.)?

sufficient - means we can continue development with the same design.


So I think there are at least a few areas that need development for this
Once we have a clearer idea of what to do there should be a number of
relatively independant areas.

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